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COMPLEX - Advanced Ball Mastery Program

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Complex Ball Mastery is a training technique that accelerates your ability to manipulate the ball. This technique is different from the regular ball mastery drills that most coaches have been doing for years such as, toe taps and tic-tocs. This technique uses sequence-based exercises that consist of a combination of small touches that simulates game-like ball manipulations while incorporating 1v1 moves and plyometric movement. 

Why should you train using complex ball mastery? 

From training lower to high-level players, this technique has proven to be the most fun and challenging for players, technically, physically, and mentally.

Here are the benefits: 

• Accelerated ball control development 

• Quicker feet 

• Confidence on the ball 

• No more weak foot 

• Faster decision making on the dribble 

• Quicker ball manipulation

Ball mastery training is becoming more and more technical with a higher demand on the body. So get ready to take your skills to a higher level.

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