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The Best Way Prepare For A Soccer Match

How you prepare for your next soccer match can be crucial to your performance. This article is guided towards top level players and not youth players. Here is our recommended game day routine: A Good Night's Rest Athletes sometimes overlook a night of good sleep, but a lack of sleep can severely limit your ability and reduce your next-day performance. Studies by sleep specialist Cheri Mah of the Human Performance Center at Stanford University suggest that athletes who get an extra amount of sleep would be more likely to have better performance, mood, and alertness, especially on game day. Soccer players must have the ability to scan the field of play, process information quickly, and make the right decisions. Getting the maximum from these...

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Our New Partnership with European Club FK Decic 1926

After several meetings, conference calls, and paperwork, I am happy to announce that Cruz Coaching is now a club partner with European professional club FK Decic 1926.  FK Decic competes in the Montenegrin Second League, currently holding the No.1 spot with their sights on a UEFA Champions League birth in the following season.  The club is now under new management that has affiliations to the United States, and this is how Cruz Coaching comes into play. Our role for FK Decic will consist of managing partners and scouting assistance for the Chicago and Dallas Metropolitan Area.  This summer, FK Decic scouts will be traveling to both Dallas and Chicago to run tryouts with Cruz Coaching as your managing host. There...

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To begin with, this is not going to be another basic article like you have probably already seen somewhere on the internet. So no, I am not going to tell you that you need to make amazing passes, and have excellent technical skills. If you are reading this article, your probably not a newbie to football (soccer). You probably know that the basics of the midfield positions require excellent technical ability, so we are not going to talk about that today. I like to get straight to point and break my information down in the most relatable fashion for everyone to understand.  Let's get started, here are my five tips to become a better CM or CAM: GREAT POSITIONING &...

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How to be a more effective winger in football (soccer)

In football, a winger is an attacking midfielder or forward who plays on the width of the pitch. Wingers are usually the most exciting players exhibiting extreme speed, creativity, and dribbling ability. These attributes should provide any team with a lot of cut-backs, crosses, and space for more chances to score. Their primary function is to support the attack and their respective full back on the wings. A winger's role is the most physically demanding position on the field, requiring players to make high speed runs from attack to defense throughout a match. Here are some tips to become a more effective winger. Understand your role both offensively and defensively  Knowing when you need to get forward, and when you...

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In this article, I am going to provide a guide on the steps I took to grow my soccer training business. Most trainers like myself come from playing in the lower professional leagues or college, so this is for you. If you're a soccer star turning trainer with massive respect in the professional game, this may help you as well, but I am sure your problems may be vastly different. Nevertheless, I will share all the methods that have worked for me. I will include the strategy I used to get started and provide social media growth tips. Although there may be other methods of building a soccer training business, I can only offer my suggestions based on my experience....

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