High-tech help for soccer players: Manchester City launches new wearable performance tracker

High-tech help for soccer players: Manchester City launches new wearable performance tracker

  • By - Keion Joseph
  • 29 January, 2023

Manchester City FC is revolutionizing the soccer experience with their foray into wearable technology. Today, they unveil a revolutionary new performance tracker called CityPlay that promises to elevate amateur players’ training insights and challenge them even further on-field!

With the introduction of CityPlay, an innovative joint venture between tech company Playermaker and Man City’s Academy, aspiring footballers everywhere now have access to a unique way to hone their skills. By wearing a sensor on their footwear that links up with its accompanying app, users can get personalized scores for technical abilities, such as first touch or dribbling, and physical attributes, like speed and agility. The companion app also provides valuable insights into why certain aspects are specific to different positions in addition to drills for practicing individually or with teammates.

Sporting excellence is well within reach — Busquets, Managing Director of Football Education and Recreation at a prominent club, has revealed that many years have gone into perfecting their comprehensive approach to skill development. These proven techniques are now available for anyone looking to take the plunge and boost their abilities, spanning borders with support offered in UK locations and on a global scale!

Professional athletes are on the front lines of technological innovation, pushing boundaries and fighting for every advantage against their opponents. Wearables have become integral to these efforts, with many Premier League clubs relying on Whoop or Oura Ring devices that give insight into how hard they should be training without risking injury. Other endurance sports like running and cycling boast ambassadors who swear by-products from Garmin, Polar, or Coros — but recreational wearables targeting other activities still need to be used in the comparison.

Cityplay’s tracker combines niche technology with a unique pricing system that will make it more affordable for consumers. With three tiers to choose from, users can select the one best suited for their needs — from six months at just £149 (about $166) up to two years of service costing only £239 ($267). After your subscription, memberships are available on an individual monthly basis following this introductory period. At the same time, the idea may be controversial in the wearables setting; CityPlay wants you and keeps you connected without breaking the bank!

Man City is pioneering new technology that could revolutionize the sportswear industry and provide non-professional athletes with cutting-edge coaching. By equipping their most dedicated fans with trackers on their shoes, Man City may be paving the way for a future of sophisticated sports tracking tools available to all levels of players.

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