Innovative Soccer Training with Reaction Light Technology: BlazePod Review

Innovative Soccer Training with Reaction Light Technology: BlazePod Review

  • By - Keion Joseph
  • 25 May, 2021

Innovation is now at the forefront in the world of athletic training and its quickly becoming vital for many soccer players hoping to develop efficiently. This is why by incorporating tech like the reaction lights by Blaze Pods, you can get ahead of the competition.

Blaze Pods are the new tech in the soccer world and many professional players and their coaches love them. I can also speak from experience; once you add these to your training its going to be hard to not bring these to the field

So let’s dive down and see, what these new bad boys have, making them such a hit in the soccer community.

What are Blaze-Pods?

Blaze Pods are a new training device for different exercises and games. Specifically in soccer, it innovates the way you train and gives you full control. There are a total of six pieces of tough yet stylish disks with LEDs on top of them to shine with a blaze. They come in a pouch, stacked upon each other. Each is significantly smaller than a short training cone. They are controlled with a modern mobile application. They light up the color you want and the way you want in different preprogrammed or self-created combinations for training. 

How Blaze Pods Works?

They have really simple working but their use keeps on widening till the end of your imagination. They are stacked on top of each other. You just have to split and synchronize them with mobile application to use.

They connect via Bluetooth and can last as long as a day. There are in-built training sessions that you can first watch to understand and then activate to start practicing. The LEDs on top of them glow up and you have to hit them with feet or hit the ball in the direction each pod lights up. These training are simple yet conditioning, though you can level up the complexity as you grow. 


How Blaze Pods Can Quickly Yet Significantly Boost Your Soccer Skills?

Soccer is a tough sport and requires a lot of significantly tough yet smart training to become good at soccer. You will be required having grip on certain set of skills like ball control, accurate passing, body control, environment awareness, mental sharpness, and quick responses along with many others. 


Blaze Pod can help with all of these if you use their preprogrammed exercises. If you are alone it has got you and if you are a team, it still got you covered. All you have to do is to follow the exercises and you will improve many skills. Some of them are mentioned below.

Environment Awareness

Even if you are all good at dribbling and moving around with the ball but you struggle in noticing surroundings. You are done for. This is the most common problem that players face at the intermediate skill level. At least I along with some friends faced that. We had perfect control but we couldn’t completely be aware of our surroundings. 


Blaze Pods will secretly yet efficiently train you to up your level with a simple effective exercise. It has an exercise in which 4 or 6 (according to your level) are placed in different directions around you. You have to hit the one under your feet and one of the LEDs will shine randomly around you. You will have seconds, you selected to lap the ball around that lit Pod and hit the initial pod again. 


This will significantly aware you and make the ball run in your legs with autopilot while you are trying to find the next LED to flash. The application will analyze your timing and responses, so you can later get the insight to grow smarter. 


Mental Sharpness

Many exercises will make you jump up the levels but even the one, we just talked about will significantly sharpen your senses. You must be sharp in the game and when the LEDs in all directions will be potential lighters, your brain will automate to a bigger picture. That will help you feel how your sixth sense helps almost predict the happenings in the next moment. 


That’s how sharp you can become with just this one exercise because it continuously trains your brain as well as your physique to feel in control of a wider area around you. 


Quick Responses

While doing these preprogrammed exercises, you will have a surprise factor every time the LED lights up. This will make your responses faster and faster and you will finally be comfortable with the selected time. 


You can keep improving your time and this will keep on improving your mental and physical responses as well as your control and tactical precision. 


Is That All it’s Worth?

Well, it’s not just to say that it’s not even a proper start. Above mentioned was only one programmed exercise and there are numerous programmed exercise that can help you improve your dribbling, passing, shooting, controlling, trapping, shielding, tackling, juggling along with your tactical as well as game intelligence, spatial awareness tactical knowledge, risk assessment, physical fitness, endurance, and many more skills.  


You can just attach a pod on the wall and try to hit it to become more precise. You can attach the pods to cons to increase visibility. You can strap them around the polls and get creative. These pods are only limited to one's imaginations and creativity.


How is it Valuable in Team Training?

Each individual in the team is vital and is required to give the best. No matter if every single player has better skills than Ronaldo or Mohammad Salah, the team can’t win. That’s a fact and considering the team exercises Blaze Pod provides are extraordinary for this task. 


These programmed exercises will make team training fun as well as bond the team to coordinate most accurately and decently possible. It will also help in molding the team to be ready for surprises and act accordingly. 


This level of team training wasn’t possible just a few years back and now it is just by integrating a piece of tech in the training. The best thing is that coaches can integrate their training programs using the pods, just to showcase experience and creativity. 

 Check out some drills I recently did using my BlazePods in the video below

Are These Pods Reliable?

These pods are made to help in exercises, either in water, field, or gym. No matter where you are and which sport you are playing they won’t break or crack. All you have to do is to charge them in the stack when required and you will be good to go for a day worth of training. 


Soccer is a pretty rough sport but the gadget doesn’t show any signs of wear and tear. That’s the sign of their reliability. Pods have been made to be crushed, so if you break one. That’s probably going to be the time when you are at the apex of your career considering you a beginner now. 



The bottom line is that it is a product if you want to move faster and smarter than others. Even if everyone is using the pods, you can use your creativity to make the best exercises for you. That’s the best part about them. They are made to give you exercises as well as insights on your current level and potential improvements. 


All you have to do is to stick with them and keep on getting better with time and effort. You must wake up to work for your dream as you are blessed with the chance today, so make use of it and become better by the integration of this innovation. 


 “Every Day is a Chance to Get Better”

 -Mark Twain

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I charge?

It’s simple, just connect the USB cable to the power outlet and press the vertically stacked pods to assure connection. They will light up if they start to charge. 


How long does it take to charge Pods?

It takes around 5 hours, till they are completely charged.


How to set-up?

You just have to download an BlazePod application from the play store for androidapp store for IOS and the . Once you open the application, it will guide you through.


How much do they cost?

They are economical for their value. They start from a base price of $299 here

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