How to Improve in Soccer using UNO's Wearable Soccer Tracker?

How to Improve in Soccer using UNO's Wearable Soccer Tracker?

  • By - Keion Joseph
  • 07 June, 2021

How to Improve in Soccer using UNO's Wearable Soccer Tracker?

The days of not knowing how you performed in games or even training are over. Many players are flocking to soccer trackers instead of always depending on a coach's feedback. It's nothing like having raw data to analyze your game and pinpoint the areas that need more attention. So let's dive into the latest soccer tracker on the market 'the UNO Playmaker, and dissect how it can help improve your game. 


If you're serious about improving the way you play, having technical and general insight into your soccer is essential. 


Here are a few questions you should answer after every game or practice: How hard did I work? 

How many touches did I get on the ball? 

Which foot did I use the most? 

Did I hit my top speed? 

How accurate was my passing? 


There are probably many more questions that need answers, but let's move on. 


The UNO Playmaker could be precisely what you need to answer these questions as it provides your game data quickly and accurately. Not even if Pep Guardiola was your coach he couldn't give you feedback as good as the UNO


How is UNO Playermaker the Right Choice for Soccer Training?

After taking the UNO out on a test run during a recent training session, I found five features that could make this tracker a good choice for you.

  • Wearable - It slips on and off your cleats quickly
  • Less Distractive - It's very discreet in size and molds to your cleats
  • Light Weight - It's super lightweight and feels great to wear
  • Accurate - The data was spot on, easy to compare 
  • Strong - Extremely durable


Why Is UNO A Good Choice?

UNO is an excellent choice for us. It has everything we thought necessary. We had doubts about finding such a product initially, but the UNO had our box checked. 


The UNO Playermaker is a wearable device that fits on your soccer cleats. It's very lightweight, so you don't even feel the device. It is also very tiny and can easily go unnoticed. 


If you are doubtful about the accuracy of data it provides, you need to be, and it was our biggest of concerns. 


Fortunately for us, the UNO Playermaker has been certified by various science and research departments. Top clubs, the Quakes, Atlanta United FC, IMG Academy, Orlando City, etc., have been applying UNO to their daily training routine. Indeed this gives the device even more credibility.


The strength and quality of the device are also vital as it will be on the shoe during the game. The chip device is on the outer side of the shoe, wrapped with a protective rubber cable that slips on and off the shoe.



How Can UNO Help You Improve Your Skills?

UNO can help you in various areas of your training, such as ball control, speed, agility, stamina, and playing tempo. These skills are vital to any player's development, no matter you're what level.


Also, UNO goes deep into your technical analytics and enables you to balance between your weak and robust feet to give the best results. It also tracks your acceleration and deceleration, your touches on the ball, and your fitness. 


Improve Your Weak Foot Balance

The UNO will track touches on the ball and show it in metrics, which are easy to understand. It will showcase the gaps between your more robust and weaker foot. You can then decide to make your weaker foot dominant and work on it during games to check your phone later. 



Fitness is essential in soccer, and if you aren't fit, you will most likely underperform. It doesn't matter if you have all those flashy moves; you won't make them practical. UNO tracks your distances while sprinting, your general mileage, and your work rate. So you can better understand your weaknesses after the game and train accordingly. 



Speed can be a vital attribute to any soccer player's game. It isn't just about running; you need to sprint, jog, move right to the left, and track the ball. Your ability to accelerate and decelerate is significant and plays a prominent role during the game. The UNO helps you by following your entire session to understand your pace of accelerating and decelerating. It shows you both ends with and without the ball, to be precise about the in-game performances. 


Ball Control

Ball control is a vital skill every soccer player needs. Suppose that's important to you; a tracker would be essential. Thus, UNO tracks your touches and releases throughout an entire session. So you can learn from analytics and improve with knowledge. 


There are various other insights that this device will give you to help you better understand and improve your soccer game. 



Why Should You Trust This UNO Wearable Tracker?

IAN CAWLEY, who is "Academy Coach Leicester City FC" has been featured on the site recommending the device. He is featured along with PAUL DALGLISH (Head Coach Miami FC) and several others, including SABRINA FLORES and others. 


As you can see, many top coaches and players use and accept the UNO, so it should be good for you too. Incorporating technology into your development is want the teams at the top level are doing. The Elite coaches understand this now and have been depending on technology for day to team management.




There are some questions that people usually ask about the device, so we have them answered below for the visitors.


How Many Elite Clubs Accept Them?

They have featured 17 clubs on their site. 


How Many Elite Players Suggest UNO?

Their site features two players along with two coaches and one Arsenal Manager. 


How Does The Device Track?

They have incorporated smart sensors with graded quality. 


Are they available on Android? 

 No, these are only available on IOS for now. 


Do They Ship Globally?

Yes, they have global shipping. 


Do they offer any warranty/guarantee?

They have a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.  


You Can Purchase UNO here

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