Top 10 Soccer Training Instagram Accounts To Follow During Quarantine (COVID 19)

Top 10 Soccer Training Instagram Accounts To Follow During Quarantine (COVID 19)

  • By - Keion Joseph
  • 29 March, 2020

As the world is dealing with the wrath of COVID-19 we have been plagued with canceled events. Soccer trainers around the world are providing free online training via Instagram. COVID-19 might be powerful, but it’s not going to stop young soccer players from getting better. The power of social media platforms like Instagram, allows players to follow their favorite coaches and get the guidance they need to keep improving during these tough times.
This list is not to spike any competition or rank, its meant to compliment to all the hard work you have put in to provide your knowledge online.
To prevent any bias, I will not include our account, but feel free to follow us for daily training drills.
Cruz Coaching provides technical training with an added focus on ball mastery. You can check us out on Instagram @cruzcoaching for tons of individual and group training drills.

 Check out our recent video below and don't forget to follow.

10. @nvfitnessacademy (NV Fitness Academy)
Nico at NV Fitness Academy puts his passion for the game into work with the training he provides in Long Island NYC. Nico puts its knowledge of fitness, strength, and speed into his training programs. You can find his drills to focus on all the fundamentals that a player needs to become a well-rounded competitor. You can count on NV for the daily content that guides you with a ton of step by step drills.

Check out a recent video by NV below and don't forget to follow.

9. @max_ftbl (Max Futbol)
Max Futbol is a team of highly qualified trainers and the best on the east coast. If you are looking for dynamic drills, look no further. Max presents some of the most detailed drills with a huge emphasis on technique, ball mastery, coordination, speed, and agility. You can expect nothing but quality easy to follow content that you will enjoy using in your backyard.

Check out a recent video by Max below and don't forget to follow.

8. @jamie_velocity (Jamie Reynolds)
Jamie is Nike signed trainer based in London. He works primarily with top-level professional players, also signed by Nike. To name a few, he knocked boots with Mason Mount (Chelsea), Mario Gotze (Dortmund), and Troy Deeney (Watford), to name a few. Jamie is also very active on social media and shares individual quality drills.

Check out a recent video by Jamie below and don't forget to follow.

7. @insainztraining (Insainz Training)
Alfredo Sainz is the poster boy for high-level ball mastery drills. He is widely known for developing some of California’s most skilled players, and especially for USYNT U17 Women’s Captain Olivia Moultrie, who turned pro at just 15 years old. Fredo is very active on social providing players with skill challenges and ball mastery drills daily.

Check out a recent video by Insainz Training below and don't forget to follow.

6. @technefutbol (Techne Futbol)
Techefutbol, by ex-professional soccer player Yael Averbuch West, has made great strive in online training space. Aside from providing quality training content, Yael creates an amazing training app that focuses on individualized drills and weekly competitions that keep players accountable.

Check out a recent video by Techne Futbol below and don't forget to follow.

5. @dg3soccer (Danny Gildea)
Danny Gildea is the content king and the trainer responsible for the rise of the booming football training accounts on Instagram you see today. His training videos sizzle with creative drills that you can do in your backyard. The Austin, TX-based coach known around the world for his unique compilation video content and the knowledge he provides for his online community.

Check out a recent video by DG3 Soccer below and don't forget to follow.

4. @beesterasoccertraining (Beestera Soccer Training)
When it comes to knowledge and quality technical training drills, James at Beestera is your man. If you love a challenge, James focuses on content that provides value for every player. His content is full of developmental tips, motivation, technical drills. Join their 30 Day Challenge while in Quarantine to get ahead of your competition.

Check out a recent video by Beestera below and don't forget to follow.


3. @myfootballcoach1 (My Personal Football Coach)
Saul is a quality trainer based in London, England, known for working with top English Premier League professionals and youngsters. He is also the creator of the MyFootballTraining App that has well over 100 individualized drills and sessions. You can also catch him posting daily ball mastery drills on his account.

Check out a recent video by Saul below and don't forget to follow.

2. @joner1on1footballtraining (Joner1on1 Football Training)
Joner1on1 Football Training is the #1 footballer trainers in Australia and one of the top social media accounts racking up over 500k followers across several platforms. Founder Lee Jones is a social football guru, and his account provides players with tons of technical drills, training programs, and live online training.

Check out a recent video by Lee below and don't forget to follow.

1. @eddie_johnson7 (Eddie Johnson)
Eddie Johnson is an ex-US Men’s National Team great and has transformed himself into a top soccer trainer in the Orlando Bay Area. Eddie has a very powerful influence that creates an infectious environment for kids to push the limits. His account his full of fun ball mastery and individual drills that you can do at home in a small space.

Check out a recent video by Eddie below and don't forget to follow.

I hope you guys enjoyed this list and gave you some hope during these tough times. Stay safe and feel free to leave a comment letting me know your thoughts


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