The Best Soccer Training Apps for Players and Coaches in 2021

The Best Soccer Training Apps for Players and Coaches in 2021

  • By - Keion Joseph
  • 01 June, 2021

Are you looking for the best Soccer Training Apps in 2021? Well, you're in the right place because we have a list of the best Soccer Training Apps to date. So let's dive in.


Boosta Training App

Boosta Training App is one of the best soccer training apps for step-by-step learning and an interactive player to coach experience. 

It is a platform that connects professional coaches to players seeking expert advice. Players can find their favorite trainers from social media and connect with them via the app.

Boosta has all the features needed for trainers to boost any player's level of play. The most attractive feature is its video feedback functions that allow players to send videos of themselves performing the drills where the trainer can review and send video feedback. 

Boosta's training method is unique because its the only app that uses an interactive, step-by-step training system that guides a player's passion and makes complex teaching and learning easier.


Soccer Coach Pro Training App

It is an application that uses an editor to design soccer team drills or plays in which coaches can manage. Trainers can edit and sketch their exercises as they wish. The app also carries a team management feature for coaches to structure and manage their teams.

Here are some features;

General Features:

  • File sharing through Email or iTunes Files Share
  • Using Roster Editor to manage the team
  • Plays showing in photo format
  • Save "Plays and Drills."
  • The formation is gathered as a template to create plays quicker and more efficiently.


Play Editor Features:


- Edit on Full or Half field

- Add orange cones

- Add soccer balls

- Add and move player objects

- Change the color of player objects

- Add text to player objects

Box-to-Box Soccer Training App

Box-to-Box is the latest soccer training app that introduces a virtual soccer coach and provides a way for you to train using professional soccer training content and personalized training plans. It includes freestyle soccer training for all ages and all levels. There are eight training categories with video tutorials explaining how you can practice like the pros!


Players use a scorecard and drill sharing to help to improve their scores. Its main benefit is to connect with the global soccer community. By comparing your skills to other users, players can improve themselves and unlock new training drills.

Lastly, this app is excellent for players wanting to learn directly from the feet of professional players. All the drills are predesigned to suit all players, making it very enjoyable for players and coaches.



Coach Tactic Board

Coach Tactic board app is one of the most recommended apps to tutor new soccer players, and it plays a vital role in helping coaches improve their players

Coach Tactic Board is an app that produces the whiteboard's layout.

Extra functional capability of technology is added in the whiteboard layout. Users have the authority to create new drills and Tactics for using about 20 tools like hurdles and cones.

The app's best feature is that coaches can adjust player positioning to reflect the real-life movement the coach wants performing.

Tactics can also be exported and shared with others, making it great for coaches to communicate team plans with players.

The app comprises two modes which are Home Mode and Drill Builder.

Home Mode:

It a whiteboard where trainers can edit formations, drills and more. Other options are selecting formation, selecting the field type, Match Day Tactics, and Customizing Player Information.

Drill Builder:

Drill Builder is the brilliant mode of the app where players can produce new tactics and drills videos. 



You Coach

Meet the multi-functional soccer training app. That's why we consider this app a type of online guide for coaches with videos and books. The creators of You Coach have gone a step further and created a coaching app that works on all devices without downloading anything. This soccer training app has an exercise creation tool and other tools to help you save statistics, plan training sessions, or plan the whole season. The device is suitable for all levels, and it's available for purchase.


  • Thousand of coaching and training content
  • Educational material
  • Membership area.
  • Contribution by professional coaches
  • Access to ebooks, videos, and more


At last, professional soccer training is becoming more accessible; these apps are now you're a coach that can help you anywhere and anytime. 

As a player, you can boost his capability, and it is not enough to train by yourself without proper guidance. The skills you can inherit from using these apps will have you playing like a pro player in no time. 

Online App Here


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    Might I also suggest you have a look at too. This is a brand new out soccer app designed to keep striker statistics and diary details – designed for players and coaches.



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