A Training Tool To Help Soccer Players Increase Reaction Speed

A Training Tool To Help Soccer Players Increase Reaction Speed

  • By - Keion Joseph
  • 07 October, 2020

Reaction training in youth soccer is sometimes overlooked or undertrained when in fact it should be an important part of every players development. Reaction training can be determined as any rigorous exercise that promote faster reflexes. As a result, athletes can make split-second decisions with rapid movements and less brainpower.

In the case of soccer player, dribbling the ball requires a substantial amount of brainpower. Dribbling demands tons of focus, control, and quick movements. So, by training to have faster reaction speeds  it will help decrease the pressure felt in your mind during a soccer match.

Quick reflexes allows you to escape attackers attempting to steal the ball. Also, if you can move and think quick enough, you can change the direction of your dribble, kick or tackle.

Reaction training can take weeks, months, or years to reap the benefits. But, here is tool I use when I am training my players to excel at a faster rate.

I recommend using reactions lights as a key tool to add to your training equipment. Reaction lights provide more creativity, fun and more engagement to your sessions. Coaches have the ability to create more dynamic drills that push players to maximum capacity.

Below I will provide links to some of the drills I do with players and also a special link to the reaction lights I use with a special 25% OFF discount code attached.

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How To Develop Reaction Speed?


Here is an exercise guideline I use to challenge my players when working on reaction speed. These are the key forms of exercise I use and I hope you find it useful.

1. Explosive Sprints 

 The explosiveness of sprinting will help test your reactions to specific stimuli. You can also change the sprinting signals at random to help assess your limits and break through them.

2. Ball Manipulation & Dribbling 

Using the ball in reaction training is effect as it forces players to manipulate the ball at the faster rate allowing them less time to think and move.

You need to force your body to respond to your mind’s signals faster, thereby helping you develop faster reflexes with the ball.

3. Plyometrics

Plyometrics training improves the body’s ability to be explosive, along with increasing your body and power control.

Plyometric training pushes your muscles utilize maximum force when needed. Using the these exercises properly will help you develop explosive strength and power.


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