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Our New Partnership with European Club FK Decic 1926

After several meetings, conference calls, and paperwork, I am happy to announce that Cruz Coaching is now a club partner with European professional club FK Decic 1926. 

FK Decic competes in the Montenegrin Second League, currently holding the No.1 spot with their sights on a UEFA Champions League birth in the following season. 

The club is now under new management that has affiliations to the United States, and this is how Cruz Coaching comes into play.

Our role for FK Decic will consist of managing partners and scouting assistance for the Chicago and Dallas Metropolitan Area. 

This summer, FK Decic scouts will be traveling to both Dallas and Chicago to run tryouts with Cruz Coaching as your managing host. There will also be six other tryouts in other states that you can view on the club's website.





  • Each regional tryout will only consist of 112 participants. So spots will go very fast. 
  • Only 7 players from each region will be picked for a 1 week trial at FK Decic
  • That's a total of 56 players will receive an ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to Montenegro
  • All 56 players will compete for 3 first team contracts on FK Decic

We are very excited to be able to provide such an opportunity for all the players in our community. We pride ourselves in providing quality training, and now we can also offer quality opportunities for the next generation for footballers. 

Please the link below for registration information.

For more information, please click here

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