How to be a more effective winger in football (soccer)

How to be a more effective winger in football (soccer)

  • By - Keion Joseph
  • 07 January, 2020

In football, a winger is an attacking midfielder or forward who plays on the width of the pitch. Wingers are usually the most exciting players exhibiting extreme speed, creativity, and dribbling ability. These attributes should provide any team with a lot of cut-backs, crosses, and space for more chances to score. Their primary function is to support the attack and their respective full back on the wings. A winger's role is the most physically demanding position on the field, requiring players to make high speed runs from attack to defense throughout a match. Here are some tips to become a more effective winger.

Understand your role both offensively and defensively 

Knowing when you need to get forward, and when you need to get back is vital. Play smart, and pick your moments. You must have good stamina and endurance to excel in this position. 

Learn to make the field bigger

When in attack master, creating width quickly. The bigger you can make the field, the better chance your team has on keeping possession of the ball. Identify other reasons for getting wide quickly. For example, if you get wide quickly in most situations, your movement can open gaps for your teammates to receive the ball. 

Be confident in 1v1 situations

Always look to beat players on the wings. You can't afford to shy away from these situations because every team needs a bit of creativity. Learning to beat players out wide can draw in opponents and create space for your team to the advantage through the thirds.

Recognize moments to combine passes and counter-attack

Combinations passes can disorganized your opponents quickly. The sooner you can identify these moments, the more you can get in behind your opponents and create more scoring opportunities. 

Know your end product

As a winger, you need to produce on the attack. Your coach and teammates are expecting dangerous crosses into the box, assist, and goals.

Understand, at the end of the day, you need to show up to play and be a problem for the opposing team. 

Now that you understand what it takes to become a more effective winger. Take these tips into your next match or training and get noticed as a treat by your opposition.

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